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Our glass Christmas Ornaments are packaged in many different styles with the focal point always on the magic of her art. They are made and packaged right here in the USA in our studio. Arranged four to a box, they have sold worldwide and are always a treat for our clients.
Nothing says Happy Holidays like a shiny glass ornament filled with Holiday Cheer!

♥ These ornaments carry Shannon's art. Our staff carefully and painstakingly builds each ornament with love and care. They are NOT hand-painted by Shannon. We would have to charge hundereds of dollars for each ornament if that was so. They are, however, the closest representation of Shannon's art.

Purchase with PAYPAL or call us with a credit card at 310-739-4930. We Accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover. For International inquiries, including shipping and handling, please call or email us at

A Hard Day's Night Beatles Christmas Ornaments
Coming To America Beatles Christmas Ornaments
Shea Stadium Beatles Christmas Ornaments
Sgt Pepper Beatles Christmas Ornaments
Magical Mystery Tour Beatles Christmas Ornaments
Glass Onion White Album Beatles Christmas Ornaments
Let It Be Beatles Christmas Ornaments
Seven Faces of John Paul George ringo Beatles Christmas Ornaments

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