Hard Day's Night Hotel Art Gallery

The Stories To The Collection

Written By One Of The Truest Fans

“The story” is usually a good one no matter how it be told. But Lord knows, these stories go down many paths and winding roads that somehow almost always lead to a lot of misrepresentation and opinion. The problem is - they all start basically the same and end in a million misconstrued directions. Paul McCartney, himself said, “The fanatics correct me on my own life and history.”

Bill Heckle pens “the story” in structure that is earned, learned, studied, and experienced. He has spoken to Beatles, relatives of Beatles, close friends to Beatles, and executives that have worked with Beatles and run their establishment today. He owns The Cavern, owns Cavern City Tours, and he organizes the largest Beatles Festival in all the world. His life truly revolves around “Beatles”.

The big picture is this: His passion to open a hotel designed specifically around the Fabulous Foursome has been dreamed, sought after, and finally executed . . . all while kicking, punching, screaming, and chewing through miles of red tape. The main reason: To build a Kingdom / A Palace / Grand Central-like Station where true fans from all over the globe could gather in the heart of the city where it all began…to see, feel, and breath “the real story”.

Below you will find the stories behind the paintings (or vice versa). Click on an image and enjoy!

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