Hard Day's Night Hotel Art Gallery

The Shannon Collection

A Labor Of Love

In a little over 2-year's time . . . the artist Shannon's creative process would be put to the test and run into a frenzy of preproduction, hundreds of sketches, and the execution of 112 paintings. Calculating the time one has to put into such a task, 2-years is mind-boggling. This did not include the following art that was requested of her . . .

  • The Logo.
  • The building's frontal design of 8 giant granite images complete with timeline.
  • The dedicated Hard Day's Night Hotel mini- cab called, "The Revolution".
  • A revolving coffer inside the the tea room ceiling that would turn, play quadraphonic music, change color, and change painted imagery. Shannon also wrote and recorded the music for the 3-minute show. This would happen four times a day and would be open for the public to enjoy. It never made its debut after 3-months of grueling work.
  • The Yellow Submarine Room which included a bright yellow door (the only door of color in the entire hotel) and padded colorful walls of a cartoon wonderland for the young at heart - also never to make its debut.
  • Below you will find the images that most will never see. Enjoy!

    The above videos show Shannon's art combined with music.

    ( To book a room at the Hard Day's Night Hotel please go to: http://www.harddaysnighthotel.com )